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Make the most of your Senior Session

Print Credit Cards!

Ask for cards to give to your friends.

You will receive $10 in print credit for every friend that books and completes a senior session!

The All Important CLOTHES!

Choose clothes that you love and you know look great on you!

Bring a variety of outfits that reflect different looks and even the different seasons. You wouldn't want all of your images in shorts just because it is summer.

Think about color, texture, and style. Think variety!


Your accessories bring all of your outfits together.

Hats, scarves, belts, boots, and jewelry are very important and will add interest to your images.


Personal items tell something about who you are.

Some things to think about adding to your session are your car, instruments, skateboard,

hunting and fishing equipment, uniforms, that fabulous prom dress- you get the idea!


Remember there is only one you! What makes you different?

Is it that collection of wild shoes? Is it that your spend every dollar on the latest outdoor equipment?

Maybe there is a wild side to you that not everyone gets to see?

These are the things that will set your images apart!

Professional Makeup? (or not!)

If you are happy with the way your do your makeup there is no need to hire a professional makeup artist.

Go a little heavier on the day of your session and bring your makeup bag for touchups.

However if you just want to treat yourself to professional makeup by all means do so!

No need to worry about breakouts either. Complete artwork and retouching is

included on all finished prints.


Hair cuts and color should be done at least a week before your session.

You do not want to have to cancel your session because of a bad haircut!

Girls, you can take a little time to change your hairstyle throughout your session.

Just think about how much time it would take you to make a change.

Be Prepared!

A little preparation goes a long way! Be sure that your clothing fits the way that it should.

If you buy something new try it on before your session day. Have your outfits together along with your accessories. Bring more outfits than you think you will need.

Options are great!

Studio vs Location? (or both!)

The studio has a variety of backgrounds as well as the property around or near the studio.

There are many locations to choose in the area whether you are looking for a rural or urban setting. Often we can get more than one location into our session time. We will decide before the session.